Security Reviews
Isosceles performs security reviews for applications and system software. Using a security research driven approach, Isosceles provides a deep understanding of technology from an attacker's perspective and a practical roadmap for improving security.

Isosceles discovers design flaws and vulnerabilities, and uses insights about these attacks to drive structural improvements to security.

Security Automation
Isosceles builds tooling that is designed to automatically discover vulnerabilities during development, and uses fuzzing and static analysis techniques that are uniquely crafted for each environment.

Security automation allows organizations to fix vulnerabilities early in the software development lifecycle.

Security Research
Isosceles plans and implements custom security research projects. Through systematic analysis and exploration, Isosceles can describe the security properties of complex systems, including open-source software, binaries, network protocols, cryptography, and firmware.

Security research provides the insights and guidance that organizations need to achieve their security goals.